The Advent School | Why Advent?
Learn the five reasons why an Advent education is an investment in your child's future.
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Why Advent?

Current families share their reasons for choosing to partner with Advent for their child’s future.

“There are so many reasons why we chose Advent. From the first time we toured Advent at an open house through our interview process, and now as our daughter has started her classes, we were made to feel welcome and included by the teachers, administrative staff and community like no other private school that we considered. As a mixed race family, this was paramount to us. Besides being a school that tailors its academics to each individual child, Advent is helping mold each child into a responsible global citizen with its commitment to teaching environment stewardship and social justice. Lastly, Advent is a true city school that is using all of the wondrous resources that Boston has to offer, thus uniquely providing a well-rounded education to each child.” – Parent, class of 2027

“Why Advent? Well, it’s simple; the warm, loving and nurturing environment that Advent exudes is where we want our children to grow.” – Parent, class of 2026

The people, the community, the neighborhood, the opportunity to be part of a connected and thoughtful family. It just felt right. The feeling we got right when we stepped foot into the school on our first visit, we knew it was the best place for our child and family. The mission is centered on helping our children partner with others and grow the confidence to change our community one day at a time” – Parent, class of 2026

“We chose Advent because of its close knit and down to earth community. The staff immediately seemed trustworthy, caring, and fun during our first visit. They made us feel welcome and made it easy for us to engage with them to learn more about the school. Their compassion to teaching us about their school was clearly heart felt. It was clear that the staff loved what they do and enjoyed working with each other.

We chose Advent because the school’s atmosphere is warm, inviting, and inclusive. These aspects foster collaboration and respect amongst its students and staff. Working in groups and with your peers are essential skills to learn and will make all future endeavors so much easier.

We chose Advent because we think it will provide our children with the confidence and communication skills to ask the right questions and to learn where and how to seek those answers to help make our world a better place. The sky’s the limit at Advent and it is wonderful to be in a school where you feel that your child’s full potential will be explored and supported.

We chose Advent because we loved it from day one and that admiration has only grown as we have enrolled our daughter in the school. We look forward to having our next daughter attend and to many years of growth, exploration, and fun.” – Parent, class of 2026