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Remote Learning: Staying connected and engaged from home

07 May Remote Learning: Staying connected and engaged from home

A recap of Advent’s remote Parent Panels

Advent parents hosted two virtual panels as an opportunity to connect and share their experiences during online learning. The past weeks at home have been a learning experience for all, and we hope that providing these touchpoints for our families will bring a sense of comfort and togetherness even when we are apart.

Advent Second Grader gets moving during remote P.E. class!

The parent-led discussions covered a variety of topics relating to the challenges and triumphs of learning at home. While no one knows all the answers, it was a great space for parents to share ideas, resources, and connect through shared experiences.

A theme throughout both panels was the idea of creativity. Most people, organizations, and schools have quickly pivoted and transitioned to virtual events. Advent families alike have been thinking outside the box to discover unique ways to interact with loved ones, practice self-care, and maintain academic schedules.

Remembering that different tactics work for different families, here are some ways our families have been staying engaged while at home: 

  • Set up a game night with friends: a Fifth Grade parent explained that she challenged her kids how to play chess with their grandparents from afar. From these simple instructions, the kids created a way to code the pieces and play virtually with the real chess boards.
  • Connect with each family member individually, allowing for each family member to feel valued and seen.
  • Carve out adult-only time, like watching a favorite movie after the kids are in bed
  • Order take out from a local restaurant: Encourage your child/ren to help research restaurants that are open and their menus.  You could even start your own cookbook!
  • Celebrate canceled events at home by marking the occasion with a themed meal or virtual visit to the event space.
  • Embrace snail mail: Send written letters to friends and family!
  • Refine your chore list and encourage family participation with chores that may usually be done by the adults
  • Get active with your child/ren and set movement goals for the whole family!
First and Third grade siblings work along side each other at home

Both panels focused on different ways to build and maintain relationships while at home.  They recognized that being silly with friends is not the same through a screen, but that there are ways to stay connected virtually.  A Fifth Grade parent shared that her son is required to video himself playing hockey as part of his practices. She continued to explain that sending the videos back and forth with his teammates has been a fun weekly connection with his peers. Parents have also found that siblings are spending more time together, and it’s important to create space for each family member to spend 1:1 time with each other.

While trying to see the positive in these circumstances, one Advent parent mentioned she has noticed how emphatic her children have been to others during these times. Her children are wondering if all families have access to healthy meals, their teachers, and other necessities. 

This parent went on to explain that she credits Advent for “having our kids think about the bigger picture and what’s going on out there and how you can do those small acts of kindness that make a big difference.” This is a true testament to our mission at Advent to foster changemakers in the world.

 We look forward to continuing these conversations over the next few months. Do you have a topic you would like to discuss more with families? Share them with us at!