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An online ADVENTure!

30 Apr An online ADVENTure!

A recap of Advent’s ADVENTure program (April 21-23, 200)

Ms. Stephanie, Director of Enrichment, created a robot from a cereal box and other recycled materials!

During Advent’s April vacation week, our Enrichment team provided students with three days of virtual design programming. The ADVENTures program is offered on certain days when school is not in session and offers thematic programming that explores fun, kid-friendly topics. This particular ADVENTures program was free and open to everyone with the option to drop in for one day or all three. While aspects looked different from being in the classroom, students were engaged in daily scavenger hunts and design challenges- all from their living room!

  • Tuesday’s theme was Recycled Robots: Students had the chance to create robots from household materials.
  • On Wednesday, it was all about Paper-Bag Wearables: Students transformed brown paper bags into a fashion statement.
  • Finally, Thursday’s class was Cardboard Mini Golf: Students designed their own mini golf hole,

Each day students were directed to find common household materials during a morning scavenger hunt. When certain items were not available, participants got creative in finding ways to make it work. Lily Goode, Enrichment Program Coordinator, explained that she was surprised to see the creative use of materials. “I saw students use blocks, bricks, branches, recycled objects, and so much more. I loved seeing how students can take a project and make it completely their own!”

Advent After-School teachers offer a variety of challenges and activities for the rest of the academic year. Learn more about our Enrichment team and the different opportunities available to your family on our website!

After students found their materials and finished designing, they joined their teachers and classmates back on Zoom for a share out where each person was able to talk through their design and present their creation to the group.

“My favorite part was listening to the students share their ideas, inspirations, challenges, solutions, and watching each other’s reactions. It was like being in the classroom again!”

Stephanie Foland, Director of Enrichment
Antonio, Advent Third Grader and Lorenzo, Advent First Grader, work together to construct their mini golf course

Tips for designing at home:

  • Be flexible! Encourage your kids to use materials in new ways,
  • Try again! Many designs don’t work the first time. Be sure to help your child learn something from each experiment,
  • Play! Emphasize the process, not the product,
  • Imagine! Think outside the box and use examples to help spark ideas,
  • Share! Collaborate with family members and friends.