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2018-19 Travel Grant Award Announcement

06 Dec 2018-19 Travel Grant Award Announcement

As part of Advent’s robust teacher professional development, each year two recipients receive funds to travel to other countries or within the U.S. to pursue opportunities that support the mission of the school and/or enhance the curriculum.

Gretchen Vice, Dean of Faculty, is pleased to announce this year’s Travel Grant recipients, who were inspired by the Advent mission and their own dedication to social justice. Click here to read Gretchen’s full letter.

Holly Hennick

In late June, Holly Hennick, First Grade Brimmer teacher, will travel the southern United States, exploring historic sites from the Civil Rights Movement, including  Jackson, MI, Little Rock, AR, and Memphis, TN. She will bring this experience back to the classroom to add to First Grade’s Changemaker unit.

Rosa Vega

Rosa Vega, Kindergarten Brimmer teacher, will travel to Mercatello sul Metauro, Italy in June to attend the International Study Tour: “Leadership for Change: Identity, Social Justice and the Right to be Visible” facilitated by Debbie LeeKeenan and John Nimmo, who was the keynote speaker at The Advent Collaborative in spring 2018. Rosa’s week in Italy will focus on creating a vision for social justice in her professional and personal life, reflecting on exploring identity, thinking strategically, and embracing the possibility of growth through conflict.

Congratulations to Holly and Rosa!