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Second Graders Raise $3,000 in T-Shirt Sales for Human Rights Campaign

07 Jun Second Graders Raise $3,000 in T-Shirt Sales for Human Rights Campaign

The following is a press release written by the Second Grade students at The Advent School. The students designed and sold t-shirts to be worn at Boston’s Pride Parade on Saturday, June 9, 2018. All proceeds were donated directly to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), America’s largest civil rights organization working toward achieving lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer equality. To learn more about HRC, please visit their website:

THE ADVENT SCHOOL, Boston, MA (June 7, 2018) – The Advent School’s Second Grade designed and sold t-shirts for the Boston Pride Parade on June 9, 2018. After learning about changemakers who challenged gender expectations, such as Harvey Milk, Sonia Sotomayor and Mae Jemison, these Second Graders were inspired to also be changemakers. They wanted to design t-shirts to spread the message that you can be whoever you want to be, and to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. They also wanted to raise money to donate to a charity.

The Second Graders designed the rainbow lion for the front of the t-shirt, and they created two different slogans for the back of the shirts:

  • Be Proud. Be Kind. Be Yourself.
  • Hello, Unique!

They used math to find out the profit and organize the t-shirts. They learned writing skills by making persuasive advertisements. They sold over 250 t-shirts and raised over $3,000 to donate to their selected charity, which is the Human Rights Campaign.

Students and faculty recently wore the t-shirts to Advent’s Field Day.