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Advent’s Librarian Teaches Course in Ethiopia

10 May Advent’s Librarian Teaches Course in Ethiopia

Advent’s School Librarian, Dr. Posey, recently returned from teaching a two-week graduate level course on Education and Technology to ten students in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The students in her class attend college in Addis, where they are each completing a Master’s Degree in either Educational Leadership or Holistic Child Development.

Dr. Posey expressed that the experience was an amazing one, as she helped teach these current and future educators how to integrate technology into their curriculum, while also learning about Ethiopian culture, history, and life in the beautiful country. On one of the weekends, while exploring the Ethiopian culture, she visited a National Park where she saw crocodiles, baboons, gazelles, and 150 year- old turtles.

Dr. Posey will also be sharing a new unit on Ethiopia to Library classes at Advent. Stay tuned for more information about this unit in future communications.