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Registration Open for 2018 Summer Program

16 Jan Registration Open for 2018 Summer Program

Registration is now open for the 2018 Advent School Engineering and Design Summer Program. Click here to register!

Curious about what the program is like? Read a description of a day in the life of a designer. Interested in learning more about how your child will benefit from the program? Here is a testimonial from the parent of a Junior Designer who has attended the program for three years:

“Each year our son can’t wait to start his sessions in Advent’s Summer Program! The program themes are dynamic, the curriculum rich, and the teachers inspiring. I can’t imagine where else he could use Boston as a learning lab to experiment with bold ideas and challenge his assumptions. For him, every day of the program is a new adventure filled with the possibility of ‘what if’, ‘why not’ and ‘maybe there is another way to approach this.’

“Beyond the amazing work the designers produce for their capstone projects, our son uses the skills he has developed [at the program] every day. Whether in his approach to task, collaboration, or problem-solving, it is clearly visible to us at home and comes through strongly in the work he does at school and in his relationships with his peers.”

Register for the 2018 Summer Program today! Contact Evan Roman, Director of Enrichment, at with any questions.