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The Advent Annual Fund in Action

14 Nov The Advent Annual Fund in Action

The Advent Annual Fund supports the student experience. Your Annual Fund contribution provides the elements that help Advent faculty deliver an experiential, rigorous, and authentic education experience to all students. The Advent Annual fund supports four key areas:

  1. Students: A strong Annual Fund allows the School to provide an exceptional education experience by supporting programs and providing financial assistance to students with demonstrated need.
  2. Faculty: With a robust Annual Fund, the School is able to recruit and retain high-quality teachers by offering competitive salaries and benefit packages, along with enriching professional development opportunities.
  3. Facilities: The Annual Fund helps maintain our historical home and provides the resources needed to make improvements.
  4. Area of greatest need: A strong Annual Fund allows the School to allocate funds where they are most needed at any time.

Here are a few ways the Annual Fund supported the 2016-17 school year.

21st Century Skills
Students develop 21st Century skills – critical thinking, collaboration, civic literacy, leadership – through service-driven projects like Fourth Grade’s study of the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

Faculty and students use Chromebooks, Google Classroom apps, and projectors to develop new ways of working collaboratively and in real-time.

City Partnerships
The School partners with the West End Museum, African American Meeting House, Museum of Science, the Edgerton Center, and more to show how Boston is an extension of the classroom.

Student journalists from “The Lion’s Prophet” school newspaper observed the morning meeting and had a Q&A session with writers during a tour of the Boston Globe.

Experiential Learning
Fifth Grade brought Theme to life by embarking on a trip to New York City to examine immigrant life at the turn of the 20th Century. Students made connections between labor conditions then and now, and researched companies who are trying to disrupt the labor industry.

Overnight field trips to Pinkham Notch and Farm School give Sixth Graders a new perspective while they build community and resiliency skills.

Professional Development
Advent faculty present educational practices at conferences and host onsite visits to show educators the School’s philosophy in action.

A Travel Grant trip to Mexico to study Frida Kahlo and monarch butterflies sparked a conversation about how children view themselves and engage with the world around them.

Educators including Lecia Brooks, Ali Michael, and John Nimmo host workshops for faculty on topics ranging from social justice to anti-bias work in early education.

Make your Annual Fund donation today to support learning with passion, acting with courage, and changing the world.