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Advent Recognized for Leading Colleagues in the National Education Field

27 Sep Advent Recognized for Leading Colleagues in the National Education Field

Advent leads colleagues in presenting educational practices and hosting onsite visits, allowing educators to see the School’s philosophy in action.

Boston is seen as the hub for progressive, innovative education, and with several top tier universities and institutes, our city is also a natural choice for hosting educational conferences. The Advent School’s unique approach to education, longevity in Boston, and expertise in elementary education has led to the School’s involvement with several of these conferences throughout its tenure.

Advent has participated in, hosted, and sponsored educational conferences in the past, and is continuing to add to our extensive list by participating in three conferences in the fall of 2017. The School will be involved with the ERB Conference, PEN Conference, and the Basic Principles of Reggio Emilia Approach Workshop this October.

The ERB Conference, led by the Educational Records Bureau, includes 40 main conference sessions about leadership and learning, admission, ERB programs, social-emotional learning, curriculum, and other related areas. ERB is a non-profit organization that provides admission and achievement assessment and instructional services for pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade. With over 2,000 member schools and districts internationally, ERB is a trusted, verified source for admission decisions and for supporting both curriculum and instruction.

Advent’s Dean of Faculty, Gretchen Vice, and Dean of Students, Claire Price, will be presenting in a main conference session at this year’s national ERB Conference. Their presentation is titled Building Success for All Students: Creating Mission-Driven Systems for Documentation, Communication, and Intervention, and is promoted on the ERB website as the following: ”Knowing our learners drives all that we do. It informs our teaching, promotes curricular planning, and supports a wide range of learning profiles. Learn our process for initiating change within our elementary school to create and develop an effective system to support students, promote effective approaches to and implementation of differentiated instruction, and provide meaningful professional development.”

While Vice and Price have the opportunity to share their expertise with international educators, The Advent School is proud to also serve as one of three visit schools in the city during the conference, alongside Harvard University and Boston Latin School. Because Advent’s approach to education is rooted in documentation, the classrooms in our buildings will provide visiting educators with a view into our teaching practices.

The 2017 PEN (Progressive Education Network) National Conference, taking place at Mission Hill School, is centered around the following theme: “Amplify students’ voice, agency, conscience, and intellect to create a more equitable, just, and sustainable world.” The Conference occurs in a different city every two years, as a place of gathering for over 1,000 attendees from schools and education networks across the country. Advent’s Early Childhood Educator, EJ Albin, is leading an educator workshop on Friday, October 6, called “Living with Love: Making meaning of complex emotions in the preschool classroom”.

Advent is also a visit school for the PEN Conference, with educators from the conference invited to observe our classrooms, buildings, and the unique and progressive learning that happens within the School.

The Basic Principles of Reggio Emilia Workshop, led by Lesley University, has been hosted at Advent for several years. Our Kindergarten and ECC faculty present at the workshop each year, and educators tour the School to observe documentation within the classrooms, and to learn how the approach is carried throughout the early years at Advent (including how the approach shifts from grade to grade). Advent is looking forward to welcoming educators into our buildings to share our expertise and passion for Reggio Emilia inspired education.

Be sure to keep an eye on our blog for our spring conference involvement. We will post updates later in the year, including more information about our own Collaborative, which we will host in March, 2018.

For more information about the Progressive Education Network, Educational Records Bureau, and Basic Principles of Reggio Emilia Approach Workshop, please visit their respective websites.