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Advent inspires you to be a changemaker.

13 Dec Advent inspires you to be a changemaker.

Alumni Spotlight:
Lily Brinkman¬†’16

Dana Hall ’22The Advent School Alumni Spotlight

No task is too small for Lily Brinkman, including being a global changemaker. Read on to find out how Advent inspired Lily to change the world.

How has Advent made a lasting impression on you?
Advent showed me to look a little deeper. I was taught to be curious and to look at the world through different perspectives. In Fifth Grade, I studied the Industrial Revolution. I didn’t learn just about the factory owners, but the children and farmers, too. If I had only learned about the factory owners, I would think of the Industrial Revolution as a great time for everyone. However, there were children stuck in terrible systems of child labor and farmers who had gone out of business. Learning in this type of way changes our perspective to look deeper in present issues and helps us understand the world we are living in.

What part of Advent’s motto, “Learn with passion. Act with courage. Change the world.” resonates with you?
“Change the world” has made an impact on me. Changing the world is an overall goal, something that we are all striving for. This motto helps me through anytime that I think, “I can’t do this.” “Change the world” is not something that ends after Advent, but an idea I will continue to follow throughout my journey.

How did Advent prepare you for your Next School?
Advent helped me in a way that not only prepared me for middle school, but also prepared me for college and many opportunities in the future. The way that I was taught at Advent was to be confident and raise my hand even if I am wrong, lead even when I am not strong, and help make this world a place free of hate and judgement.

What is your most cherished Advent memory? 
My favorite memory from Advent is when we designed bridges in science and engineering and put them together. The project was a team effort. We all had to work on measurements, come up with ideas, and build the overall product.