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Room for Everyone

08 Nov Room for Everyone

Room For Everyone

Nora Goddard, Director of Admission and Next Schools, asked Advent parents to reflect on a recent event by the Lower School Diversity Consortium.

Central to Advent’s mission is, “[…] an urban school whose community reflects the diversity of Boston […]” In pursuit of this mission, Advent, along with eight other greater Boston schools, belongs to the Lower School Diversity Consortium. Through the work of this consortium, our goal is to attract and recruit families of color to independent schools.

This fall, the consortium hosted two events, the first for our current families. On behalf of Advent, Sandra Mancebo P’16, Karen Carrasquillo P’16‘18, and Leslie Martin P’17, shared their experiences at Advent as the larger group discussed word-of-mouth marketing. Families have the greatest impact on the admission process–you sharing with your friends about your experiences at Advent. In reflection of the evening, they shared:

“We love being part of The Advent School’s community because Advent fosters and cultivates independent thinkers, embraces all kinds of learning styles, and embraces and promotes social justice and diversity. The inclusiveness of Advent’s philosophy is special and dear to us as a family. Our sons are developing critical thinking skills, a sense of worth, and a sense of social responsibility that will enable them to develop into well-rounded individuals. As parents, we couldn’t be more thankful and proud of belonging to this special community.” -Karen

“I was taken back by the fact that the top admissions representatives were encouraging each of us to spread the word about independent schools. When other parents shared their reasons for deciding on having their children attend independent schools, I felt like they were reading my mind. Many times one thinks that an independent school education is not possible because of the cost. These people were saying no, there is room for everyone and your child will see other kids who look like them. I felt extremely encouraged to go out there and apply to schools by focusing only on a school that fits my child and family while putting the finances aside for a moment. It was very inspiring and motivational where I saw no obstacles or limits on what is possible!” – Sandra

At the second event, Nicole A. DuFauchard, Head of School, moderated a panel of educators and parents of children at independent schools. They shared their experiences of being part of an underrepresented group, the work our schools are doing to be inclusive of all family backgrounds, and the true value that has been added to their family’s lives.

Our outreach efforts continue to grow, now including an admission fair at Myrtle Baptist Church, one of the oldest Black churches in the Boston area.

In this time of political and social unrest, it is clear that independent school education and the work being done here at Advent is so important. We are supporting our children in advocating for themselves and others, appreciating and valuing uniqueness, and engaging them in tough conversations about race and privilege.