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Leadership Workshop for Sixth Graders

14 Nov Leadership Workshop for Sixth Graders

Keegan Charlier, Assistant Director of Enrichment, hosted a leadership workshop for Sixth Graders. Here are some highlights about the event.

The Sixth Graders were engaged and thoughtful throughout the process. The group focused on improving their communication skills, team building, and problem solving techniques. Students were excited to participate in the bridge building challenge. For this challenge, two teams were divided by a big whiteboard. Each team had to create two halves of a bridge that would connect. The teams used the cups as measurement units–it was great to see their creativity! The students excelled during the blind obstacle course, where they used various techniques to guide partners toward the finish line.

My favorite part of the workshop was the opening and closing discussions. The students were asked to “draw a leader.” It was inconclusive as to what a leader looks like, but, the group had a meaningful conversation about how actions makes someone a leader.  They came up with some great qualities of leaders, including: bravery, compassion, advocacy, standing up for your beliefs, standing up for others, responsibility, and many more. The workshop ended with a discussion about how Sixth Graders are role models in the School, and how problem solving involves more than just one solution.

The photos below show Sixth Graders guiding one another through the obstacle course.

Sixth Grade's Leadership Challenge

Sixth Grade's Leadership Workshop