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Advent inspires confident leaders.

15 Nov Advent inspires confident leaders.

Alumni Spotlight: Sitarah Lakhani ’16


Advent Alumni Spotlight Sitarah Lakhani '16

Sitarah Lakhani ’16 (Dexter Southfield ’22)

We all have the same number of hours in the day as Sitarah Lakhani, but she manages to squeeze more into her schedule than the average person. Since graduating from Advent, Sitarah has taken on a full course load at Southfield, including studying Latin and participating in Space Rocks, a space exploration club. She rounds out her schedule by playing volleyball, rowing crew, and competing as a synchronized swimmer and speed swimmer.

Read on to find out how Advent inspired Sitarah to become a confident leader who is not intimidated by the unknown.

How has Advent made a lasting impression on you?
Advent was always a friendly and encouraging place for me. My teachers encouraged me to take risks with my thinking and to be curious about the perspectives of others.

How did Advent prepare you for your Next School?
Advent prepared me for middle school by teaching me to be confident in myself. I learned how to be a leader, how to communicate effectively with all types of people, and how to help others.

I use my leadership skills in sports when I teach girls who are new to the synchronized swimming team. I use techniques from Ms. Bissanti’s yoga and meditation class to remind myself to relax and focus in the moment, like when I’m giving a speech in my public speaking class.

What part of Advent’s motto, “Learn with passion. Act with courage. Change the world.” resonates with you?
Learn with passion. I have always loved learning new things. I’m very curious, and Advent allowed me to explore many things that I didn’t think I would be able to do. My teachers taught me to approach tasks with an open mind and to put my all into whatever I was doing.

What is your most cherished Advent memory?
Always being excited to learn! The teachers made the smallest things into the most exciting moments.
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