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Advent’s Lasting Impression
Advent School graduation ceremony

18 Oct Advent’s Lasting Impression

Advent Alumni Spotlight:
David Sullivan ’16

Advent graduate at Roxbury Latin

David Sullivan ’16 (Roxbury Latin ’22)

David Sullivan’s graduation speech was one for the books. When he stepped up to the podium at Faneuil Hall last June, the Advent community had no idea what was in store. Instead of reciting a speech, David surprised the crowd and performed an original rap that told the story of his Advent journey. In this first Alumni Spotlight, David shares about his next school experience and how Advent has made a lasting impression on him.

How has Advent made a lasting impression on you?
If you’re surrounded by people that trust you and have your back, you can do just about anything.
How did Advent prepare you for your Next School? 
Advent prepared me well academically by placing responsibility on me to think about, plan, edit, and execute my assignments.  Advent also prepared me in terms of learning to write effectively.
What part of Advent’s motto, “Learn with passion. Act with courage. Change the world.” resonates with you?
The phrase that resonates with me the most is “Act with courage,” because I’ve been able to enter a new school with confidence, try new activities, and meet new people.
What is your most cherished Advent memory?
Our Sixth Grade trip to Farm School is my most cherished memory since our class had so much fun and I enjoyed being outdoors with my friends. I’ll always remember the square dancing before bed because of all the laughter we shared. Although my friends and I are now at different schools, I still feel close to them and am grateful for the time we had together.
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