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Advent Founds Student Government

04 Oct Advent Founds Student Government

Advent Founds Student Government

The Advent School’s first Student Government was introduced on Friday, September 30, 2016.

At Friday’s Community Share, five students–Lucas, Scarlett, Julia, Raymond, and Skylar–stood before students, faculty, and staff to announce the formation of the Advent Student Government Association (ASGA). We are sharing their proclamation to mark this historic occasion.

This year at Advent, all five of us were extremely excited to try to start an Advent School Government. With presidential elections around the corner, we thought that we could have our own elections as well! The idea all started last year when a lot of us were talking on and on about political leaders. That is when I realized that Advent had never really had time to get involved with politics. Raymond read my mind and immediately started discussing with Mrs. DuFauchard why he wanted to have a student government.  [We] found out about it and agreed to work together.  Now you will learn how the school government will work.

Each class from Second to Sixth Grade will have a class president. For the younger grades a student from an upper grade will be chosen to represent their class. ECC will be paired with Sixth Grade, Fifth Grade with First Grade, and Fourth Grade with Kindergarten. Second and Third Grades will have independent representatives. Students from each class can run for president. They will tell the class why they want to be president and why they’d be good for the job. The classmates who aren’t running will vote. If there is a tie, the students who tied will run against each other without the other candidates. The Student Government will be comprised of both elected representatives and an organizational committee.

The Student Government will be made up of two groups: the class representatives and the organizational committee. These two groups will come together to make the ASGA. The ASGA will then make further decisions on how to run the government and adjust it accordingly. The purpose of the ASGA is to bring students together and to let students have a say about what happens to our school. It will help students get what we need. The representatives will state the needs of the class in the meetings. We think this will be a great way for the government to be shaped by our student population.

We kids get a chance to have our own voices heard alongside the American vote!