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Are you ready for your Parent-Teacher Conference?

15 Mar Are you ready for your Parent-Teacher Conference?

2B teachers Kate Morton and Erina Spiegelman offer insight into how you can have a meaningful parent teacher conference. Advent Parent-Teacher Conferences begin today and continue on Friday afternoon.

Parent-Teacher conferences are all about collaboration. Open communication between families and teachers is vital as we work to best support your children in their lives at school.

As teachers, we are grateful for the time to talk face-to-face with families about how each individual child is doing at Photo by Christopher Huangschool academically and socially. We wish we had time to talk about each and every aspect of the curriculum, but since that is challenging within the time frame, we often focus on the areas that we think are most notable or most representative of how a child thinks, learns, and processes information.

We see this meeting as a part of an ongoing conversation about who your child is as a learner and as a member of the classroom community.Conferences are a good time for families to ask any questions they might have about how the year is going, about specific aspects of the curriculum, and to share important information about children’s home lives.

Children often share things with their parents about school that they do not share with their teachers. If you tell your child’s teachers what s/he is confused, upset, or excited about, it will help the teachers to best support her/him at school.

Thirty minutes is not a lot of time to have such an important meeting! If your time is up and you feel you haven’t finished your conversation, don’t be shy about asking for an additional meeting on another day.