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Introducing the Community Share

21 Jan Introducing the Community Share

The Community Share Committee is excited to host their first Advent Community Share. This event will take place tomorrow morning. Erika Roderick, committee chair, answered some questions about the Share, how it came to being, and some of its goals.

ADVENT: When was the Community Share Committee created?
ERIKA: This committee was created during the Faculty Work Week this past August.  I volunteered to head the committee in June 2015, and the administrators selected it to be an active committee this year.  Faculty came to a committee fair and chose their top committees to join. This was one of them!

ADVENT: What is your goal?
ERIKA: The goal is to reinvent an Advent tradition of sharing with the school-wide community. We wanted to find a space and a way for all Advent students and teachers to be together in one space more regularly and informally than the Winter Concert and graduation. We wanted students, teachers, and classes to be able to share what they do more often.

ADVENT: The first Community Share is tomorrow. What are you most looking forward to?
ERIKA: Just all sitting together in one space and feeling what that feels like! I’m also looking forward to seeing the faces of the little kids watch the big kids, and vice versa.

ADVENT: What was the process for creating the Share? Did you interview students and faculty?
ERIKA: Our committee is made up of a range of grade level teachers with varying years of experience at Advent. During our first few meetings we all shared our vision of an all-school gathering. We got a range of ideas from Advent’s past, from other schools, and other types of gatherings we’d been part of. We will be looking for feedback after our first gathering to see what we can change to make it even better!

ADVENT: Are you going to share anything tomorrow?
ERIKA: Not tomorrow, but I would love to at some point be able to bring one of my dance groups in to perform for the whole school!

Thank you to Community Share Committee for giving Advent this opportunity to come together.

Erika Roderick, 3C
Katie Knox, 2C
Rebecca Fiarman, Music
Jess Melfa, ECC B
Rebecca Myers, 1C
Badsha Naicker, 4C
Michelle Tarkulich, 6B