The Advent School Collaborative

The 2018 Collaborative is over! Thank you to all of the participants for a great event. Information about upcoming Collaboratives will be posted here, and on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

Anti-Bias Education & the Reggio Emilia Approach
Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Advent School’s SMART Lab at 99 W Cedar St., Boston, MA 02114

The 2018 keynote speaker is John Nimmo, EdD, assistant professor in Early Childhood Education at the Graduate School of Education at Portland State University, Oregon. You can read more about John on the Anti-Bias Leaders in Early Childhood Education website.

Through presentations and hands-on workshops, teachers will share their experiences to explore identity, build community, and inspire children to take action in their world.

As part of the event, we are thrilled to share that keynote speaker John Nimmo, EdD, will be sharing a film he co-produced about children’s rights, “The Voices of Children.” The film will be screened following the workshop session 2.

Presentation Topics

Learning about Ourselves and Each Other: Community Building in Kindergarten

Uncovering Bias to Lead to Student-Centered Curriculum: Teaching about Indigenous Peoples in Third Grade

Layers of Identity: Self-Portraits and Self-Exploration in Fifth Grade



Beyond “Girls” and “Boys”: Exploring Meanings of Gender and Gender Identity with Second Grade teaching team

Join our Second Grade teaching team as they share the curriculum they developed to explore meanings of gender and identity. How do we help students reflect on their own identities? How do we discuss gender based societal expectations for behavior and interests? How do we support students development of a non-bias framework to view their own, and others’, gender identities? Participants will engage in hands-on, inquiry based activities used with students to explore these questions. Time will also be given to discuss and reflect on how gender exploration can be incorporated into different teaching contexts with children of various ages.

Skin Deep: Talking about Race and Identity with Young Children with Early Childhood teachers

Building on the belief that young children are not “colorblind” and that honest discussions of race are important, our Early Childhood teachers will share their approach to talking about racial identity with preschool children. How do young children understand skin color? How will children’s ideas about skin color be changed or confirmed by using skin paint color? How will our conversations around diversity evolve as we talk about the color of our skin? Participants will engage in hands-on activities, like making their own skin color paint, as they discuss how to explore these big concepts with young children in developmentally appropriate ways.

Powerful Materials: Using Art to Teach Empathy, Resilience, and Perseverance with Amy Walrod & Rosa Vega

Join Advent’s ECC through Third Grade art teacher and Kindergarten teacher as they share the how materials can be used to teach anti-bias education. A project that focused on Gee’s Bend Quiltmakers will highlight the ways in which stories about artists and their experiences can support children’s understanding of others. How do artists make choices about materials? How do limited materials push creativity? Participants will engage with a variety of materials, as they work to create their own quilt block, and discuss how materials can provoke deep learning experiences.

Systems of Support: How Administrators Facilitate the Work of Teachers with Gretchen Vice, Dean of Faculty

Our Dean of Faculty will lead this roundtable discussion on how administrators can support the work of teachers in classrooms, both for Reggio-inspired teaching and anti-bias education. Learn about Advent’s approach and hear the perspectives of colleagues. Participants will have time to reflect on their goals for faculty and will help each other brainstorm starting places.

Leading Anti-Bias Early Childhood Programs with John Nimmo

Our keynote speaker, John Nimmo, will lead a workshop that further explores anti-bias education. “Anti-bias education is inherently about change. This means embracing some level of uncertainty while holding tight to the vision of a more just world” (LeeKenan & Nimmo, 2016).  Participants will delve deeper into this important topic as it relates to early childhood education and focus on how to think strategically about change in a school.


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