The Advent School | A Connected Curriculum
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A Connected Curriculum

A strong early childhood education program is critical to the future success of your child. Selecting the right program provides the foundation he or she needs to be successful in elementary school and beyond.

At Advent, we believe learning cannot occur in isolation. Through our Reggio Emilia-inspired, thematic approach, we teach children to make connections and to think critically about what they are learning.

With two lead co-teachers in every classroom, students receive real-time differentiated instruction, allowing each child to never stop learning and growing. Advent students receive a well rounded education that includes art, music, library (ECC – Third Grade), Research and Digital Citizenship (Fourth – Sixth Grade), science, Spanish, physical education, and yoga and meditation.

Utilizing the resources of Boston, our students take their learning out of the classroom. Whether they are visiting the Boston tea museum to re-enact the Boston tea party or exploring maps at the Leventhal Map Center to understand how Boston’s footprint changed or observing Medieval art work at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum as part of their study on Medieval ages, Advent students come to understand that learning can happen anywhere and at anytime.

Learn more by attending Learning @ Advent

Wednesday, January 11, 2017
6 to 7:30 p.m.
15 Brimmer Street

Take a deep dive into our curriculum! Attendees will spend time in classrooms exploring our thematic, emergent curriculum with Advent’s art, science, and P.E. teachers.


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