The Advent School | Community Focus
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Community Focus

The Advent community is welcoming, inclusive, and diverse, with families coming from all over the Boston area. A key tenet of Reggio Emilia, Advent’s guiding educational philosophy, is the importance of the role of the parent. We recognize that each family brings a unique perspective to the classroom and welcome parents’ active participation in our program.

The process of building community begins with our co-teachers: Advent faculty are models of respect and collaboration. Each classroom creates a classroom agreement, which every student contributes to, and that all share the message of mindfulness and conflict resolution.

There are few barriers between the grade levels, from pre-Kindergarten to Sixth Grade. Advent’s buddy program pairs younger students with those in the upper grades. Buddies read together, sing together at the Winter Concert and at graduation, and enjoy a partnership which strengthens the School community. Students from every grade level feel comfortable approaching one another to ask for help, to share a joke, or to talk about books.

Learn more by attending Learning @ Advent


Wednesday, January 11, 2017
6 to 7:30 p.m.
15 Brimmer Street

Take a deep dive into our curriculum! Attendees will spend time in classrooms exploring our thematic, emergent curriculum with Advent’s art, science, and P.E. teachers.


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