The Advent School | Boston is our Classroom
The Advent School uses the city of Boston as an extension of the classroom to show students how they are connected to the community.
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Boston is our Classroom

The Advent School has been a proud member of the Beacon Hill community for over 55 years. The School attracts an ethnically and economically diverse student body from throughout greater Boston and the city’s diverse neighborhoods. Students are welcomed into a community of learners that is stimulating, challenging and academically rigorous, but also nurturing—a safe and fun place to explore new concepts, master important skills, and share ideas and opinions.

Our graduates attend many of the area’s top public and private middle schools, where they are coveted applicants known for being prepared academically and emotionally to be successful students and confident leaders. Furthermore, the role of social justice in the school’s curriculum, mission and community ensures that we continue to graduate students who are caring and engaged members of their broader communities.

Our curriculum relies on the city to extend the classroom and expand our campus. Boston’s history, institutions, and open space offer students rich cultural and learning experiences that are critical elements of an Advent education. Teachers and students expand on classroom lessons by engaging with the rich urban landscape that surrounds us.

Learn more by attending Learning @ Advent

Wednesday, January 11, 2017
6 to 7:30 p.m.
15 Brimmer Street

Take a deep dive into our curriculum! Attendees will spend time in classrooms exploring our thematic, emergent curriculum with Advent’s art, science, and P.E. teachers.


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